Sunday, September 28, 2014

Speculative Forms

Where: Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden

When: through September 27, 2015

Arrayed through the hallways on the 2nd and 3rd floors, this exhibit of sculpture promises to turn one's "preconceived notions of sculpture inside out."  I can't say I felt much notion inversion while I walked around, but I will say I've not seen sculpture so well placed before.  Just at eye level and in the middle of the space, so you can walk around and look at each piece easily and completely.  I might not have fallen in love with what I saw, but at least I had a good look at it.

I was interested to see two Henry Moore pieces.  I've a fondness for his "Knife Edge Mirror Two Piece" that stands guard over the entrance of the National Gallery's East Building.  When I read the plate that identified the artist of the two pieces, I recognized them as his work.  How exactly I can't say, but they looked reminiscent of the other pieces of his I've seen.

Another piece that caught my eye was one made of paper and ink that looked exactly like a sofa cushion.  How did the artist manage this?!?

Verdict: If you like contemporary sculpture, you'll get more out of this than I did, but I have nothing but praise for how the show is arranged.

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