Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sculptures by Paul Manship

Where: Museum of American Art

When: through early 2015

I'd never heard of Paul Manship before I saw this small display of his sculptures, but I'm a big fan now.  His work was inspired by mythological and symbolic figures, and those are very fine. 

For my money, however, the stars of the show are the animal sculptures.  "Group of Bears" especially, took my fancy.  I was reminded of Inuit art I've seen - it had the same love of nature inherent in the work.  "Group of Deer" was also appealing, as were the gates he did for the Bronx Zoo.  They have an "Arts and Crafts" feel to them, which I like very much.

Manship had a close relationship with the museum.  He served on its board of directors from 1932 - 1964 and was chairman of the board from 1945 onwards.  When he stepped down in 1964, he made a gift of many of his works to the museum, which is now a rich repository of all things Manship.

Verdict: I recommend this small display - I'm only sorry they're taking it down in the new year.

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