Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nature's Best 2012 Photography Awards: Windland Smith Rice International Awards

Where: Natural History Museum

When: through March 4, 2014

The Natural History Museum displays the winners of this competition every year.  If you like nature photography, this is a must see exhibit.  I always look forward to seeing this - it never gets old.

I think what makes it so appealing, in addition to the fantastic photography, is the display itself.  All the pictures are in large format, so you feel as if you're drawn into the picture.  They also use top-quality paper and printing, so these are the best photos you can see.  The colors are just spectacular, and there's a wide range of subject matter.

It's hard to pick a favorite photo, but I think mine was the one of the gorilla mother and baby.  The mother was looking at a magazine, with a photo of her baby.  A great moment, captured beautifully.

I looked up some information on Windland Smith Rice.  She was a nature photographer, as well as a mentor to others in the field.  Sadly, she died at age 35, of a disease that affects athletes (she ran triathlons).  This competition is held in her name to honor her memory.  I'm very sorry for her family's loss, and this is a wonderful way to remember her.

Verdict: Don't miss this display - easily managed in a lunch hour.

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