Sunday, January 12, 2014

LEGO Model of the Smithsonian Castle

Where: Smithsonian Castle

When: through August 5, 2014

Two displays at the Castle simultaneously!  A great treat for those of us who like the building. 

This Lego model is next to the guard station by the exit that leads to the Haupt Garden.  It's just what you think it is - a model of the Castle made out of over 45,000 Lego bricks.  It's quite good, and done to scale.  Decorating the outside of the Castle are toy animals (not done to scale) that are a reminder of the original location of the National Zoo.  The Haupt Garden has not always been the peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Mall that it is today!  At that point, what is now the Zoo was called the Department of Living Animals, and this was where they lived.

Originally, the model was set up as part of the 2012 Zoolights display.  I'm not sure where it will find a permanent home, but one hopes they won't dismantle it.

Verdict: Have a glance as you head to the Sackler or African Art, or combine this with a trip to see Souvenir Nation.  Really, who doesn't like Lego?

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