Monday, February 20, 2017

Afghan Craft Fair

Where: Ripley Center International Gallery

When: through October 29, 2017

Ordinarily, I wouldn't visit or blog about a show closing so far in the future, but when I went, the closing date was January 29, 2017.  Not sure if the website had (or has) a typo or if the stay has been extended, but, assuming you really do still have time to see this show, take advantage of that opportunity.

The International Gallery is set up as an open-air market (minus the open air, of course).  Elaborate carving greets you as you enter, and, best of all, you can touch it!  Tactile exhibits are my favorite, but they are very rare.

I love this quote from one of the artists, Sughra Hussainy, "I believe that while the body needs food to live, the soul needs art."  You'll see beautiful calligraphy and beautiful painting.  There's so much to see, that it's hard to single any one thing out, but I think I was most struck by Nasser Mansouri's latticework, which reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs.

Verdict: See this show and step into another world.

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