Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Day Brightener

Where: American History Museum

When: through January 8, 2017

I really love the Muppets.  I loved them when I was a kid watching Sesame Street, I loved them as a teenager when The Muppet Show was on, and I love them still.  I headed over to American History last week to see what I thought would be Fozzie Bear and the Swedish Chef, but somehow, turned out to be Cookie Monster and Elmo.  Since the Swedish Chef is one of my absolute favorites, I was somewhat disappointed, but seeing Cookie Monster from 1969 was pretty amazing.

The original Kermit is also on display; I'd seen him before, but if you haven't seen him, you really need to do so.  The Muppets attracted quite a crowd, which gladdens my heart.  Miss Piggy is still in the front display case with Carole Burnett's scrub woman costume and a dress belonging to Phyllis Diller, and she (Miss Piggy) generated a lot of interest from those in line making their way through security.

I took a photo of the incredibly long line to get into American History, but my phone and my email are not on speaking terms at present, so just imagine a line stretching from the door all the way to Constitution Avenue, and you have an idea of what the crowds are like.

Verdict: It's always a good idea to see a Muppet whenever you can.

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