Sunday, November 13, 2011

AIDS Quilt Panel

Where: National Museum of American History

When: through December 11, 2011

The quilt panel is in the display case by the Constitution Avenue entrance - the one I use regularly.  It's moving and sad to see this part of the AIDS quilt, which eventually became so large that it could not be moved and displayed.  Medical advances are wonderful things - now that era of death and despair is over.  I was, of course, reminded of the terrible and amazing painting of the artist's lover who had just died of AIDS in the Hide/Seek exhibit at the Museum of American Art.  This was a somber start to a somber trip to the NMAH; I saw a display on archiving the AIDS epidemic and on the visual images used in the civil rights movement - blog entries on those to follow.

Verdict:  If you have a moment, stop by and see this panel - it will remind you of a dreadful time that is now, thankfully, in the past.

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