Sunday, June 26, 2011

Building Museum to charge admission

Sad news to pass along - the National Building Museum has decided to start charging admission to its exhibits. Beginning, tomorrow, Monday, June 27, adult admission to the museum will be $8.00 This will allow you access to all the exhibits currently on display. You can still visit the museum store, the cafe, and walk around the main Hall free of charge.

Apparently, they are in need of ready money, and think this is a way to come up with some. I fully appreciate their need for funds, but I doubt that this will do much other than discourage people from coming to visit. I've been to the Museum numerous times, and often, I'm the only person in an exhibit. Frankly, although I've always enjoyed the shows I've seen there, none of them are really spectacular, the sort of show that people will stand in line for hours to see. There are so many world-class museums in DC that are free that you have to make a real case for people to pay for admission. Although the Building Museum has exhibits that no one else has, I don't think they do the best job of letting people know about them. Their location doesn't really help any - they're not close enough to the Mall, or Chinatown or Union Station to get any of that foot traffic , so you have to know where you're going in order to walk in.

Oh well, we can only wait and see if this idea is a good one. I went to see two shows there before they started charging - they were both great. I may decide to become a member. It would set me back $50 per year, but that's not an unreasonable price to pay. Decisions, decisions...

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