Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Bit of Background for Robert Motherwell

Where: Archives of American Art

When: through March 27, 2016

True confession: I'd never heard of Robert Motherwell before I went to see the current display in the Archives room in the American Art Museum.

Turns out, he was a major mover and shaker in the Abstract Expressionist movement (that's not really winning me over), and he helped establish New York as an artistic center after World War II.  So, he's a very important part of an artistic movement I don't really like very much.

Nevertheless, the archives has put on its usual fine display.  If you go, you'll see holdings related to Motherwell, including letters, photographs, catalogs and essays.  You'll see references to many others in the world of modern art, notably John Cage and Joseph Cornell (neither of whom I much like).

Verdict: Not really my cup of tea, but if you're interested in Abstract Expressionism, I would recommend this to you.

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