Sunday, July 26, 2015

It's a Grand Old Flag

Where: American History Museum

When: through September 28, 2015

On opening day of the Innovation wing of the American History Museum, visitors and LEGO Master Builders created the world's largest American flag constructed out of LEGOs.  This flag is now on display in the center of the first floor of the museum.

I happened to be there that day and saw people putting the bricks together, so I guess this is the first time something I've seen an artifact being created.  If I'd realized it was going to go on display, I would have joined in! 

It's great, although if I were a nitpicker, I would point out that stars don't really look star-like.  Other than that, it's quite an achievement, especially when you consider it was put together in a matter of hours.

One question: how exactly does one get to be a LEGO master builder, and is it too late for me to choose that as my career path?

Verdict: If you'll be at American History any time before the end of September, make sure you have a look at this.

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