Saturday, May 30, 2015

Livin' on Tulsa Time

Apologies for the blogging silence lately.  I spent much of last week in Tulsa, Oklahoma at my nephew's high school graduation.  Big congratulations to him, and I'm looking forward to seeing him in Baltimore (he's going to Johns Hopkins) in August.

While in Tulsa, I went to two museums, because what's a trip without museums?  The Philbrook is a lovely home converted into an art museum; it has a nice selection of American art, as well as offerings from Europe, Asia and Africa.  In the basement is an interesting collection of Native American pottery.

The grounds are breathtaking - worth a visit all on their own.  The water features are particularly fine.  The website describes it as "a little bit of Tuscany in Tulsa," and that might be a bit over-stating it, but it was certainly the prettiest spot I saw on my trip.

We also went to the Woody Guthrie Center in the Brady Arts District, a part of downtown Tulsa. 

The museum is fairly small, so you could see most of its exhibits in a lunch hour.  We didn't have much longer than that for our tour, as we arrived late in the day.  In addition to telling the story of Guthrie's life through lots of interactive displays and artifacts, they also have a special exhibit space.  When we were there, it was a show about the Beatles.

The Woody Guthrie archives is also located here, where those wishing to study Guthrie have access to original materials in addition to what's on display.  There is also performance space here; while we were visiting, it appeared that a school group was getting some musical instruction.

If you are ever in Tulsa, I recommend these two destination, as well as the Gilcrease Museum (which I didn't visit on this trip, but saw on a previous trip).

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