Sunday, January 11, 2015

2013 Nature's Best Photography: Windland Smith Rice International Awards

Where: National Museum of Natural History

When: through April 20, 2015

Every year, I look forward to seeing this exhibit of nature photography.  Each piece is absolutely stunning: a combination of top-notch photographs with top of the line printing and framing.  The pictures are so high-quality, you feel as if you are "there," that the birds are flying right toward you, that you are on the mountaintop looking down into the valley, that the bear in this photo is right beside you.   The pieces are quite large, so you feel surrounded by natural beauty as you walk through the room.

In addition to the spectacular photographs, there is a short paragraph next to each picture, providing you with some information on what you're seeing, whether animal or landscape - really helpful if the creature is unusual or the landscape is unfamiliar.  Plus, you get a quote from each photographer, generally a story about how they got the shot or why they've become wildlife photographers.   Two themes emerge from these remarks: one is that it takes incredible patience in order to get these photos, sometimes hours of waiting for just the right shot, and the second is that several of the photographers are hoping that more people will become concerned with wildlife preservation by seeing their work.  One can only hope they're right.

I'm in awe of the talent and endurance of the photographers and of the beauty of our planet.  It's very easy to become overwhelmed by day-to-day life and not take time to appreciate the  wonders of our world.  This exhibit will help you pause and notice, and it's hard to give greater praise to a show than that.

Verdict: If you have any interest at all in nature photography, do not miss this show.

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