Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sense of Place: Landscape Photographs from Asia

Where: Sackler Gallery

When: through November 11, 2013

If yoga is not your thing, or if you've seen enough of this big show and would like to look at something completely different, wander over to the other side of the Sackler and see some more contemporary art, landscape photographs. 

This is the first in a series of shows highlighting the gallery's photography collection, so if this appeals to you, you're in for further treats to come.  Although one might associate the Sackler with ancient treasures, it is committed to collecting modern works as well, and this series is meant to emphasize that commitment.

This two-room display features artists from Iran, China, Japan and Vietnam, a wide survey of Asian photography.  My favorite of the pieces is the one pictured above, entitled Cherry Blossoms by Moryama Daido.  A great quotation from Abbas Kiarostami, which is part of the show commentary, is "Nature has no particular culture or ethnicity."  Perhaps that's why I'm able to appreciate Asian landscape painting so much?  I don't need to be an expert in a culture so different from my own; I can simply appreciate the natural beauty depicted.

Another artist whose work is on display is Hai Bo.  I'm sure I've seen him before - perhaps as part of the "Perspectives" series?  Wasn't he the one who returned to the same spot over the course of a year and drew the different seasons as reflected in the trees?  I feel certain that's right...

Verdict: A nice small show, easily managed in a lunch hour; in fact, you could combine it with the Strange and Wondrous show, or with a look at the current "Perspectives" display in the main atrium.

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