Sunday, March 3, 2013

One Life: Amelia Earhart

Where: National Portrait Gallery

When: through May 27, 2013

Just next door to the Archives of American Art exhibit space is the room dedicated to the displays in the "One Life" series.  The Portrait Gallery chooses one notable American to highlight, with a biography and numerous portraits.  The current choice is Amelia Earhart, whose quote, "I chose to fly the Atlantic because I wanted to" opens the show.

As with all exhibits, I learned some things: Earhart designed clothing, in addition to being a pilot.  She adapted wingnuts into buttons and made buckles from ball bearings.  She became friends with Eleanor Roosevelt; they shared an interest in women's rights.  She was married, but judging by a letter she sent her husband accepting his marriage proposal, she would much rather be flying than living a domestic life.

She died when she was only 40 years old; a shame, as she would certainly have done more with her life, had she lived.  Her remains have never been found, which, since numerous people have taken some very sophisticated equipment to do just that, makes you realize just how large the Pacific Ocean really is.

Verdict: Yet another worthy entry in the "One Life" series - easily managed in a lunch hour.

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