Saturday, June 23, 2012

Modern Lab: Material Interventions

Where: National Gallery, East Building

When: through August 12, 2012

I confess I've developed some pretty low expectations for shows in the Modern Lab.  It's a little room full of weirdness, in my view.  This current exhibit does nothing to mitigate my reservations.

The pieces on display all use unconventional materials, which are supposed to "inform content and convey meaning."  I'm afraid I left uninformed.  None of the pieces really drew me in, or made me want to examine them more closely.  I do appreciate that the artists have used odd things in their art and have combined different types of art together in a sort of hybrid form, but none of it makes me want to get all this meaning and context that the odd materials are conveying.

Verdict: If you like modern art, you can see this little show without spending a huge amount of time.  If your taste in art tends towards the less bizarre, give this a miss.

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