Monday, September 26, 2011

Publishing Modernism: The Bauhaus in Print

Where: National Gallery of Art, East Building

When: through October 28, 2011

This exhibit is in the National Gallery of Art's library, on the main floor of the East building.  Whenever I go to see these displays, I'm always the only one there, so I can take my time without worrying that I'm impeding someone else's enjoyment.  The library, as you might expect, is very quiet, so it's quite relaxing to visit, display or no.  There's a guard station at the entrance, but if you say you're here to see the exhibit, they'll let you right in.  I'm enamored of having a guard at my own library, only allowing access to certain people - dare to dream!

The Bauhaus was only open for 14 years, but its influence on modern art and design is far greater than its short life would indicate.  While open, it educated the leaders of the modernist movement and joined fine art theory to traditional artisan craft skills.  I particularly liked the cover design of one of their catalogs: Utopia: Documents of Reality, which has a marvelous art deco feel to it.

Klee, Kandinsky and Mondrian were among the famous names involved with the school, which included theater productions in its curriculum, along with fine art.

Verdict: Worth a look, if you're at all interested in Bauhaus design, or if you're just looking for a quiet place to spend a bit of time.

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