Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brave New World II

Where: National Museum of African Art

When: through October 2, 2011

When I first learned about this exhibit, it was scheduled to end in April 2011, which is why I went to see it now. They've changed the dates and it is presently scheduled to end in October, so there's plenty of time to see it before it leaves.

It's a video installation by Theo Eshetu, who is an English artist of Ethiopian and Dutch extraction. He is interested in globalization, which is not surprising, given his international background. It's a kaleidoscope effect with many different images, flowing from one into another. They seem random, although I'm sure they're not. I'm assuming they are meant to convey a sense of global interconnectedness. It does hold your attention, as you wait for the next image to appear, which can be anything from the terribly familiar to the amazingly exotic. It's set in a mirrored frame, which I'm guessing is what creates the kaleidoscope - not like anything I've seen before.

Also in the room are a variety of other art works, including some large banners depicting support for Nasser and used when he came to power. Considering current events in Egypt, it's quite timely.

The exhibit itself is quite hard to find, which is unfortunate if one has limited time to spend. It's quite close to the museum shop, so head in that direction.

Verdict: Go see this - it's not like anything else you'll see this year (I'm guessing), and it's an entertaining way to spend some time.

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