Sunday, January 2, 2011

Perspectives: Hai Bo

Where: Sackler Gallery

When: through February 27, 2011

The Sackler often features an exhibition in their main lobby, and I usually see this when I'm on my way to see something else. If you're short of time, this small collection of photographs merits a trip all on its own.

"Small collection" is technically accurate, as it's only five photos, but they're so large, that the word "small" seems wrong. Four of the photographs are a series called "Four Seasons." It's the same view, with a man (the artist himself) sitting on a bench. In each photograph, it's a different season of the year. I found that the winter picture resonated most with me, as it's winter here now, and I had bundled up tight for the walk over. The scene is lovely in each picture, and the series is a reminder that there is beauty in each season, even though each season has its downsides.

The fifth picture is entitled "Northern No. 29" and is a man on a bicycle riding into a hazy distance by the seashore. It's just beautiful - the kind of photograph you can look at all day. It occurs to me that it's a sort of path picture, and I like those very much. It's large enough that you can feel as if you're on the road as well, cycling behind the man in the photo.

Verdict: I'm happy these photos will remain up until the end of February, so I can look at them again. A very good way to spend part of the lunch hour.

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