Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Body Inside and Out: Anatomical Literature and Art Theory Selections from the National Gallery of Art Library

Where: National Gallery of Art, West Building

When: through January 23, 2011

This small exhibit is difficult to find in the National Gallery - have a look at the map available at any of the entrances to find your way to the correct room. Once there, however, the exhibit is interesting and easy to visit during lunch hour.

During the Renaissance, physicians and artists worked together to increase their knowledge of the human body. Artists witnessed dissections to gain a greater understanding of the body, which they then dispersed to a wider audience. This exhibit of rare books from the Gallery's collection shows the importance to artists of proportion and musculature in their work.

Verdict: Perhaps not everyone's first thought when visiting the National Gallery, but if you are interested in the history of art, or of the intersection of science and art, this is worth a look. You could easily combine this exhibit with one of the others at the Gallery, as it's only one room.

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